///The Year of the Tsunami

///This was a little comic book I made in 2011 as a present. The idea sparked from a bigger project I never finished, recounting my experience as an exchange student in Tokyo the very year of the Fukushima incident. Hence the title. However, despite not having completed the more ambitious version, I started drawing comic strips with these two characters and developed a sort of story language with them. And this is where it started:


tyott-02tyott-03 tyott-04tyott-05 tyott-06tyott-07 tyott-08tyott-09 tyott-10tyott-11 tyott-12tyott-13 tyott-14tyott-15 tyott-16tyott-17 tyott-18tyott-19 tyott-20tyott-21 tyott-22tyott-23 tyott-24tyott-25 tyott-26tyott-27 tyott-28tyott-29

tyott-30tyott-31tyott-34tyott-35tyott-32tyott-33 tyott-36tyott-37tyott-38tyott-39tyott-40tyott-41tyott-42_tyott-43tyott-44tyott-45tyott-46tyott-47tyott-48tyott-49tyott-50tyott-51tyott-52tyott-53tyott-54tyott-55 tyott-56tyott-57 tyott-58tyott-59

tyott-60tyott-61 tyott-62tyott-63 tyott-64tyott-65 tyott-66tyott-67 tyott-68tyott-069

tyott-070tyott-071 tyott-072tyott-073 tyott-074tyott-075 tyott-076tyott-077 tyott-078tyott-079 tyott-080 tyott-081 tyott-082tyott-083 tyott-084tyott-085

tyott-086tyott-087 tyott-088tyott-089 tyott-090tyott-091 tyott-092tyott-093 tyott-094tyott-095 tyott-096tyott-097 tyott-098tyott-099 tyott-100tyott-101 tyott-102 tyott-103 tyott-104tyott-105 tyott-106tyott-107 tyott-108


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