*[小雨] Kosame is the doodling half of an otherwise responsible architecture student working part-time for a children book publisher. My life runs on autoCAD, Rhino and InDesign, but I still find time to pick up a pen now and then to sketch down the misadventures of <Pig and Rat>.*

As any architect-in-the-making worth her salt, I have an interest in architecture in general and japanese architecture in particular – what the hell, all things japanese hold a special fascination for me. Other things that make my tea go cold: the work of Ayn Rand, swedish films, analog photography, self-made clothes, Jane Jacobs’ demolishing urban analysis, Galbraith’s economic theories, Steven Moffat’s superb story-telling… a bit of everything.

This blog is aimed at sharing my first steps into analogue photography, but many other things will inevitably find their way here, most of them are a release mechanism for me – what I do when my graduation thesis starts driving me crazy.


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