///Camera strap DIY + instructions



These are the instructions for the DIY camera strap I posted about a while ago.  The lens cover will follow in a next post.

My Praktica came with a very solid plastic case and leather strap – this detail really amazes me, since the Minolta Hi-Matic has a leather case, but plastic strap… Together, camera and case are quite bulky. While this poses no problem on a day trip, I was sure it would prove less than useful in a longer trip involving several airport checks. With this in mind, and taking advantage of the strap lugs already present on the camera, I decided to travel lighter by making a comfortable strap just for the camera.

Of course, these instructions are equally valid for any camera. Many people simply make a cover for their original camera strap if it shows many signs of heavy wear. In this case I’m making it almost from scratch, but it would be very easy to adapt it to a simpler strap cover version. I reused a thin strap from my Holga – which now has another DIY strap -, but there are many alternatives to this, and most of them you have at home already. On other occasions I have used laces or ribbon. Depending on the kind of strap lugs you have to work with you will require snap hooks or nothing at all.

Ok, so here are some more pictures. After them come the instructions on a PDF.

///Instructions PDF

I suggest you read the instructions through once before starting, easy as they may be, to get an idea of the general process and make any adjustments to it you feel like.


>>>PDF download

DIY strap_instructions

I enjoyed the whole process of creating this design and I am happy to share it for free, but please do not use it for commercial purposes or without crediting back to me. Thanks.


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