///Up-cycled camera bag DIY + instructions



I finally finished my camera bag – and the instructions, which took longer than the bag itself. As I have mentioned on other posts, I’m going on a trip soon and I’m taking my Praktica, some lenses and lots of film with me. I needed a camera bag that would also double as a handbag and could accommodate my little monster and a couple of other lenses, while keeping them safe.

I took advantage of some old things I had trailing about – mainly because I didn’t have time to go buy new supplies. The outer fabric comes from two exterior cushions my mother had made years ago and never used. It is a quite sturdy canvas and has a perfect colour for a battle-field bag. The belt was missing the buckle, but I had kept it anyway thinking I could use it for a future project – and here it is. The rings and snap hooks come from an old handbag that ripped and had to be thrown away, but since the metal pieces were perfect, I stored them for later use too. Oh, and the little leather strip comes from that bag too – makes me wonder how much junk I can end up storing “just in case”.  The plastic adjusting ring I stole from a promotional messenger bag we had got for free who knows when. The screws and nuts were waiting for me in the tool shed. Only the lining fabric and the velcro had been bought by me once upon a time.

Ok, so here are some more pictures of the finished bag. After them come the instructions on a PDF.

///Instructions PDF

I suggest you read the instructions through once before starting, to get an idea of the general process and make any adjustments to it you feel like. Take into account that most of the design decisions I took in making this bag were prompted by a scarcity of means or materials. Let this instructions be a guideline instead of a definite document. You will also notice that I used some velcro to close the bag – I didn’t include those steps on the instructions because it’s not really necessary unless you are going to a less than safe place (like I am). I also kept the inside separators out of the instructions. I figured they are quite simple to make and most people wouldn’t add them anyway.

instructions sample
instructions sample

>>>PDF download

DIY camera bag_instructions

I enjoyed the whole process of creating this design and I am happy to share it for free, but please do not use it for commercial purposes or without crediting back to me. Thanks.


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