///Testing [Praktica Super TL] II


Second testing roll with Praktica Super TL. This time I loaded a roll of Fomapan 100 -reliable but inexpensive, perfect to fool around. The lenses are a Cosina Cosinon 50mm f1.8 and a Helios 44M-4.

I did the shots in two different days. The first batch came out nice and sharp after developing with Adonal 1+25 for 4min. But the ones from the second day were too overexposed to get a clear negative. I will definitely have to get a proper light meter instead of using mobile apps. Or practice the sunny 16 rule until I can judge the exposure value accurately.

These ones were taken with the Cosina 50mm f1.8.

IMG_9371IMG_9374 IMG_9375 IMG_9376 IMG_9377 IMG_9379 IMG_9381


I tried my best to save some of the negs from the second batch, but they were far too dense and the result after post-producing to bring out some contrast is too grainy for my taste. All taken with a Helios 44M-4.

IMG_9407     IMG_9401     IMG_9397





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