///Praktica Super TL_ a sort of review


minolta01.jpg//my little monster//


The Prakticas are SLRs made in the former East Germany. This model must have been made between 1968 and 1976 according to camerapedia.

Operating it is fairly simple. Only film ISO, aperture and shutter speed to set – no fuss, no 300-pages-long manual. All you need is a good lens, good light and you are ready to go shoot away. The Prakticas take M42 mount lenses, which are very easy to come across second hand and fairly cheap compared to modern lenses. Another plus is the fact that they can also be used on any dSLR with the right adapter and the results are truly amazing. Most of these lenses are primes, not zooms, so they tend to be pretty fast. I have a soft spot for shallow DOF, so big apertures are the first thing I look for in a lens.

Along with this little monster came three similar lenses: a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f2.8, a Super Takumar 55mm f2 and a Cosina Cosinon 50mm f1.8. I know, all have the same focal distance, but I wanted to try them before choosing one. I will try to post a little non-scientific test in the future.

For more detailed information about these cameras I suggest Mike’s Praktica page.


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