///Vision test #3 + download


Vision test posters with fragments of favourite poems. Original size is A2, you can print it as is or smaller without any quality loss, for bigger sizes you’ll have to experiment a bit.

Recognise this one?

*font credits: Code Pro Demo by [FontFabric], and Planer by [The Northern Block].

*poster mock-up by Mike Delsing. Download it here.

I enjoyed the whole process of creating this design and I am happy to share it for free, but please do not use it for commercial purposes or without crediting back to me. Thanks.

///Click on the thumbnail to get the full resolution image and save.


“One night I burned the house I loved,

It lit a perfect ring

In which I saw some weeds and stone

Beyond – not anything.

Certain creatures of the air

Frightened by the night,

They came to see the world again

And perished in the light.

Now I sail from sky to sky

And all the blackness sings

Against the boat that I have made

Of mutilated wings.

[One night I burned] Leonard Cohen.


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