///Photo Field Notebook [Rangefinder] + download

cover <<cover

This is a template for a photo field notebook, aimed at rangefinder users. If you like shooting 35mm film with your analogue rangefinder you probably like keeping track of all EXIF data to check how it may affect the outcome of your pictures.

This notebook is divided into two parts: EXIF data pages and notes in the back. The EXIF data pages are laid out so one page covers a 36 exposure roll. A side box records the general information (camera, lens, film, ISO, use of flash or general light conditions). The EXIF information you can note down is normally reduced to the aperture and the shutter speed, so that is what I have included.

More images and downloadable file after the jump >>>

page_sample <<sample page
back cover <<back cover
instructions-01-01 [instructions]

///Pdf templates for download:

+ Template a (no hole markings)

foto notebook_rangefinder_no markings

+ Template b (hole markings)

foto notebook_rangefinder

I enjoyed the whole process of creating this design and I am happy to share it for free, but please do not use it for commercial purposes or without crediting back to me. Thanks.


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